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Why video games are a bad path and choice...

All these features were already supposed to be implemented and well integrated in games like GTA by now. They are too delayed in time. Thousands and millions they take, or practically steal, when a lot of work is clearly not being done. Console after console is released, with the same things in superficial "so called refined graphics". Entertainment should be worthwhile and respectable. The functions in the "shamelessly canceled" Flight Simulator of Microsoft should have shaped the gaming of today with recourse to additional features.
From racers to shooters, and even some devices which allow the individual to attempt immersion towards very precarious virtual entertainment in different ways (such as using virtual eyeglasses, extended body motion controls, etc), the video games of today leave a lot untold in the table for one to actually grasp in not so ultimately impressive and convincing ways. Why would anyone waste energy turning a virtual electronic device simply to make some exercise?! Or even dance to Zumba?! The often premature contexts within the game are not necessary, when someone wants to purely learn how to play a musical instrument for example, and can obviously connect it in a more serious manner directly to a computer, a better process which should be educated already to teenagers. Not even for the sake of a sports game such as a good ol' tennis, or golf experience, or even soccer, wasting time going for video games seems to be the most not so reasonable choice, right?! People need to learn to face the truth, and give time for the planet to evolve. It takes hundreds and hundreds of years, if not thousands, to achieve certain things, or to have them, which today are simply just mostly a product of science fiction in movies, and video games still cannot realize such experiences in the most truly, not just overly biased, manner. You might look at a game like FIFA, and fantasize yourself with friends, seemingly deceiving one self, honestly, during the first times one meets these things, about how entertaining it is. The truth in my opinion is, games like FIFA should already have allowed the player to enjoy a very much wider experience, involving story modes, for example, about the players or custom players, with maybe, the help of additional real life footage, to make it a more authentic product. And also allowing the person to go through the infrastructure of
the stadiums (which seem to be a big commercial thing among the culture of the sport and merchandising), with the player having much more choices of action, except just solely flinging around with the ball repetitively in stadiums, an experience that gets quickly exhaustive and not as promising as one might think. The player could show the curse of his struggles or his team struggles in street-wise soccer challenges, try to make acquaintances and friends, run and train around the stadium while a game is not ongoing, etc, etc, what would surely give much more spirit to these video games, turning them to gems worth the respect of all people, people this that mostly, of course, ignores these video games, and does not take these things seriously.

Even when it comes to overhyped games such as the Grand Theft Auto series, or for instance the Saint's Row and Need For Speed series, the experience is a total illogical joke, which leaves the most mentally gifted very quickly bored. Blatant violence (shooting and fighting) or crime, are often a formula in these kinds of games. Some of them, always have one or two excuses for making the World degenerate. In order to avoid honest self-discipline, true improvement beyond and sincere reflection, many dare to say that these choices (first person shooters, and fighting) are based on cultural foundations of West or westerners. Now, unless you are a... err... "savage", this obviously does not seem to be the most reasonable truth, in fact.

The truth is quite another ordeal. The truth is that, the video games culture, seems to "magically attract the average minded", and most so called gamers are "very mediocre minded". Composed of mostly casual button smashers and quick addiction bursters, these masses of the mediocre minded are not that intelligent concerning choices of optimal precepts of entertainment. So when they unfold and come around into video games, what is it that they do?! Simple: They get mostly into things such as first person shooters, blatant fighting games, etc. It's not like, they even got the time to get to know what poker, golf or cricket is, and learn, experience, and so. These are average masses, which are the majority today, only wanting "quick fun". (Not to mention how mediocre the golf games of EA also are, poor in terrain quality and graphics, and with randomly desperate for selling simple features being removed and added constantly, such as simply a little new kind of "promotional swing", like some sort of little additional animation to a common swing or limited camera angle). The savage capitalist game makers are also more and more desperate for other peoples' money, so they overly trend first person shooting formulas like desperate prostitutes. The games made of first person shooters keep increasing in popularity, damaging the image of the World's miscellany and versatility (what many bloody bastards of course do not care about...) and the experience of gaming becomes more and more defined by such. Tragic, isn't it?! Take for instance a game like Fallout into consideration. Well, so much space for free roaming in so many monotone series, constantly bringing the same old clothes and things again and again with some new twists as well. It is too strange how they ever missed the point of adding vehicles to their games, and yet, there's practically nothing better the video gaming industry can deliver than titles like this one. Approaches to Harley Davidson bikes and Dirtbikes should have been made simultaneously within the game, with several more other strange replicas designed by themselves. And the


This bananas outfit of Fallout 4 is definitely not the breeze of a seriously design-wise advanced alloy or texture. Even when it comes to graphics, the next generation console is many times lacking. Irrational bias is the force behind several things' success. Example of this is how it's not even a trend nor usual to use the strategies in FIFA games. The reason is obvious: they are not much, themselves. The Fallout series misses the obvious cool point of having street-wise radical vehicles, which would influence dramatically the game, and perhaps make it worth buying.
ability to add custom paint, create logos / symbols and factions. It is so delayed and backwards that by now, on a new truly very powerful console, it should have been introducing features such as creating one's own vehicle by parts, tuning parts such as the motorcycle dynamics and its design leaning curve, etc. It would even include a create clothes feature ever improving, not just altering, with a megalithic collection of clothes and trends capable of changing in color with custom hues, and even the ability to render the clothes wearing in different ways. The game, as overrated as it is, should have been a pinnacle of "cool", what it is clearly very far from being, with its nonsensical rip-offs of endless other movies. The game should have been a wider part of even the pop culture, with a band such as The Rolling Stones (the member still singing) making a video dedicated to it, playing on tv. This supposed true extension and original power of influence of the video games trend is sadly inexistent. It is even laughable how, a single pair of lucite platform heels for women, or a character wearing them, is practically impossible to be found in the video gaming world.

Why waste time on some Super Mario replica either?! That is not necessarily a "better" choice. In fact, it might be an equally unproductive and retarded choice for someone that is already quite grown up. But unfortunately, due to the lack of enlightenment in this age (2000s), this kind of behavior / preference is perceived as being normal, probably also due to lack of resources, knowledge and choices. The ideas mentioned in the beginning of this article, are not even highly likely to be seen in the future. Those ideas above, in the article, noticeably consist of an expansive view of entertainment very few would have envisioned. With technologies being created of the likes of the Oculus Rift, and with the insane constant release of console after console, not to mention as well the alienating multiplayer tendency dominated mostly by conflictual games, it is very noticeable how, these video gaming makers and "gamers" are heading a total different way. There are too many crazy gadgets out there in the video gaming world, pointless merchandising, with very fragmented, exaggerated and divergent perspectives in their markets. The apocalyptical tendencies and sheer amount of unnecessary functions linked to the denigration of human values present in video games so overrated like Grand Theft Auto, definitely leave the person scratching the head about what the Hell on Earth is going on with these video game makers...

Welcome to the place where you will spend an eternity in repetitive nonsense. And then again, sooner or later into predictable boredom. You can leave the ring and chase for your grandmother in corridors and little limited rooms seeming like a basement. Have fun! Ha... Maybe i should just... return to browsing in the Mmeamkas project?!
Did you know there is evidence of rational activity of humans dating to ages as far as approximately more than 20,000 years ago?! Evolution of the rational mind might be a process much longer than many actually might think. Whether these are the last days or not, the truth is that the World is engulfed with problems of unprecedented scale that almost leave the mind dumbfounded about what is the true concept of rationality. It is much better to try to give it some time before one can indulge oneself in such things. What if Nepal tomorrow becomes the leading force in video game making?! The longer the time it takes for the Ages of the World, the more likely it is for critical changes to happen, even the most unexpected ones. Starting from the premise that "No human being is perfect", the most important thing to acknowledge is that imperfection is logical to be the reality on every race. So, basically, there is no such thing as a "Superior Race" or "Master Race", it is certainly, a lie, and bias, a fallacy, which is not the Universal Truth. Even video game makers might be as degenerate minded as likely to possess several bizarre mentality problems and flaws which a common mind does not possess, this is, well, nothing but logic.

The ultimate bomb against this joke:
The decisive truth about virtual reality & entertainment
neglected by the western & eastern first world

Whoever already saw things like the software VirtuaGirl for PC only, might already have noticed how much more is possible than 3D computer graphics. 3D computer graphics of redundant video games, no matter how expensive, sophisticated or recently developed, always look like dolls. A sweet trick the grand Devil placed in your eye, to test the dynamics of sin in mere mortals, so that you can be irrational enough to, if not paying proper attention, not notice how 3D is actually always cartoons, something not for adults. If you think you a winner widdit, and wanna unleash the kiddy hypocrite in you of the 21st century, well, historically it won't get more pathetic and retarded than with video games... *cough*
3D will NEVER match reality. If you thought latest advancements in the joke ass video game industries of vicious violence addicted retards is matching realism... well... think again!

Write this down: There's nothing like reality. It is just wrong if you actually wanna face the truth, to be a 20+ something year old male playing with dolls and cartoons thinking they're real or supposedly for an adult's age. The world has reached an unprecedented scale of utter nonsense, where you see mostly adult males playing such things, something never seen before on Earth and bizarre, that certainly our glorious and very seriously & honestly virtuous ancestors would not be proud of. You see adult males 18/20+ years old still addicted to things like video games, and playing with those toys even more than teenagers and women! Its the epitome of lame wannabe absurdity.

When you hear about the so called "first world" countries or G8 countries, a sense of modernity and advancement as if everything they do is right and optimal for civilization arises, cellphones, expensive restaurants, amusement parks and bla bla bla. On the other hand, you have the "enlightened ones", and even the regular/usual mature intelligent person that has already heard of thematics of the likes of exploitation of disadvantaged countries and people by multinational companies; punk ass/jackass futile trends in the west of indiscipline; problems regulating their epitome of crime first world cities; degeneration of the so essential ethics and spiritual aspects of life; irresponsible deforestation and pollution of the environment by multinational companies

considering profit as the priority above anything else; the suspicion of most superpotency countries being reptilians or reptoids due to their inhuman, coward, unjust and unjustified endless thirst for wars, or huh... being behind wars or fueling them, more likely; second amendment laws to arm against each other cause police and army aren't, even, enough for them to trust; etc. So, individuals enlightened enough to have heard quite some of these, are ready to comprehend the bombastic truth that is coming ahead:

The western first world is not so advanced mentally at all, the numbers used worldwide and basic algebra math are of indian/arab origin, an ancient arab scientist also laid the theory which served as foundation for understanding light to develop cameras, and even things like pasta for teeth, cosmetics, paper and the wheel were invented by Egypt! Today, they claim that there is a master race, that invented everything, themselves, at the expenses of trillions of advancements stolen from other civilizations, and all of a sudden claimed to be all of the "civilized west". Not to forget also how mechanisms such as a crankshaft and the basic levers of a water well for example, are also middle eastern inventions, today integrating many complex systems. Not to mention? Most edible food of humans are implementations discovered by indians, afro-arabs & native indians, such as the coffee many westerns so cannot live without and have turned to be their own culture. Cassava, tomatoes, potatoes that so make the highly celebrated fried chips, all these foods and much more were both discovered to be edible by native indians and then taken away from their source of origin: the Aztec/Inca's continent and land, to start sprouting everywhere in the world. With awareness of these truths, the viewer must be ready to be immersed into further deeper, profound shocking truth, the first world's ultimate unknown nightmare of virtual reality, that me, as a simple humble african, long figured out.

They might have ran out of tricky time to get themselves out of the damnation of temptation and how it fools many to believe certain things are as good as they are damn well damn not, while the technique about to be revealed here costs less distraction with 3D toys and more than 20/40 years approximately to death into the ridicule of mockery in Hell for being stupid not to accomplish, 'cause we all know no corner in the world is a Paradise, sinless perfect! Since a long long time, they've just being distracted and violently raped by one of the most deceiving, perplexing and tempting things on Earth - money, the thing they also ironically think they tame the most, what an equivocation! Yeah right... "expense", that totally betrayed them. But all the resources to achieve this technique already exist on Earth, time is money, and now due to their hypocritical distraction, they cannot and will never in almost a century or even more, never ever have what it takes to invest in this:

Cameras can be used and mastered to deliver intel regarding the environment and any object or character in motion from technically any angle, the most basic set-up (huh, sexy... i didn't know that's as far as sensual gets) being a scenario with a character on a treadmill with cameras positioned all around in all points of a basic compass (N, NW, NE, S, etc) near the walls. Literally, it would be transliterated into a camera positioned in the back of the individual standing near the wall, in front of the individual near the wall, etc etc. With some good dedication, very time consuming, throughout the process, the character could perform all basic motions while being recorded on a treadmill such as several types of initiation of walking, stopping, running, slightly moving sideways, standing by, making gestures with the arms or simulation of actions, etc etc. The later work would consist of recording environments just like a car moves with every place everywhere visible by its windows and interior, with those interior parts enriched with one camera each instead. Hotspot positioning of video editing would finally merge the two, and: Dang! Bingo! This would be the actual authentic virtual reality experience (1 Of Many Possible Advanced Methods Version), with its most essential forms consisting of a 2D like experience with only one camera sideways relatively to a character being recorded standing on a treadmill with late implementation of a scenario equally recorded only sideways from a stable car's window as the vehicle would speed up without making turns (Basic Method Version).

You could be controlling this girl right now, if the method described in this article in bold was a choice the western world could have realized in 2002. This improvised demonstration showcases the possibility of living the expectation of concretizing things such as "the Matrix", a dream and reference still for many today. Various video footages made to split in different parts could be configured easily to match specific key inputs, such as the classic keyboard's <- and ->.

Indulgence is something somebody would have to wonder and think twice about how to truly experience in these games, seriously. With the usual tendency to allow players to choose paths between good and bad, these "libertine ways of so called evolution" do put movies usually to shivers, and might even make horror movies and their bizarre endings be worth clapping hands more, compared to this "innovative utter stupidity". It is certainly not the way to excel in the World adding up something intriguing to entertainment worth enough respect. The so called nostalgia consists mostly of overly superficial approaches with dumbfounding characters of nothing but irrational bias as the force behind them, in barely comprehensible quotations, extremely bland plots (no matter how long and how many so called "characters" they have), in ways which only a preteenager could somehow, strangely, manage to put altogether to present as a so called "product". Even the most apparently pacific or utopia-like game, like some sort of Super Mario, is always enriched with a ludicrous repetitive tendency of being "decorated with a bevy of a high number of monsters / alien hybrid beings", that push the possibility of existence of utter nonsense in the cosmos to the limits, and, of course, even make the Creator of Bahari Wakati ashamed of being an artist, when it comes to the reality of such terrible jokes on Earth. Technically, no plot in a video game can excel in this World morally or greatly with consistency. Isn't it too strange that no video game ever marked the hearts of all human beings in some important, non-spastic relevant way like for example decent music & movies have done and accomplished in the Entertainment World?! Because, of course, no matter how basic and simple proper music might be, it can actually have a strong relevant message, and is by far, as far as logic and truth would tell, only absolutely obvious, how decent music is the thing worth being taken mostly serious on Earth in the minds of most common people of all ages. Even their references to religion are as biased, nonsensical, and as irrelevant as they are laughable, in superficial immature ways, not adding not even a little piece of a challenge to theology worth considering nor worth to philosophize about.

Proof of the misleading influences of video games is the tendency for most so called "gamers" to create deviant nicknames, of an alien nature in reality, which lack proper meaning, and the use of avatars of evil dark figurines / beasts, stripping off their humanity online. Nicknames such as "crazyhawk789", "thegrimreaper_x", "deadshot55", "zombiekid", "core_evil_666", "mousey_365", "helldragon", etc, become suddenly very common allusions, which you or your kids are supposed to coexist with, as if, they entered the realm of total retardation on planet Earth. On these grounds, slangs and immoral language, also known as cursing, become a common costume as well, seen how video games are losing more and more ethics as they degenerate themselves with the huge phenomenal amount of chaotic and bloody bastards which are into them, even when it comes to the game making personnel.

The prices you pay for these things are abysmally high, oscillating between 50$ to 500$ USD and above, and many times, these things might even create the incentive for teenagers to steal to feed a habit they do not comprehend as well as they think themselves, due to the curiosity to do something different seeking entertainment, and lack of choices. Have you ever reflected upon the disparities in the World and injustices everybody is tired of talking about, even westerners themselves?! The gap between the rich and the poor ever increasing?! A typical strategy game of a video game is something ever altering, and not as solid and consistent in culture as something like a chess experience. Chances are, somebody can get away with something good to hold on to by learning how to do something like play chess instead, or some concrete cards game, what would and can be definitely a better and smarter choice concerning overall reality and longevity of life. To waste time in a so rudimentary way as in playing a mobile game of some sort, it's not that difficult to at least have the culture of buying a chess package, and to place the pieces all together in a corner at the house. Or maybe go further to afford a snooker set. I would even suggest for the authentic lady something like tarot or astrology to dedicate to, in my honest opinion, obviously much worth considering, honestly. A dodgy sense of modernism and globalization has brought to the World trends which are way too immature even for the ideal teenager to grasp properly. Video games also can be very time consuming and counter-productive. Experience in video games is too limited for adults, and even for teenagers, too contradictory and full of evil allusions which distort the authentic process of education. People must keep believing and realizing how, just simply reading a very good book, is also a way of being entertained. I do not even play video games for years, and feels like avoiding to play them was one of the smartest choices i ever made in life.


Are you sure this is the destiny you want to give to your money?! Are you sure video games are a serious choice?! You are just feeding their drug habit. These video game makers are not your common medical doctor, lawyer, priest, nun, or decent business makers, endowed in proper formality and the ethics. Their epitome of cynicism, arrogance, gothic tendencies, incomprehension, satanism, and even nazism is ever stressful. It is visible how their tendencies are some of the most degenerate and evil tendencies on Earth, of practically virtual BDSM / sadomasochism. The most right things in life you won't find very evidently and extensively in video games.
Why people visit a psychologist or a therapist?! Because it is not simply the noticeably insane or the poor to be more likely to have mental problems. Until a certain extent, many might actually have mental problems. The association to certain drugs might cause a tendency for vandalism, exaggerated delusions of violence, etc. The excessive cursing and lack of sense in video games, as much as there is lack of sense in most action and sci-fi movies lately, clearly gives a hint to some sort of "trendy retardation", even though this is much more and better disguised in action videos due to certain "formalities of the bourgeoisie" according to more convincing degrees of similarities to reality.


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